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Lauren. 15.

Hey all :) I love musicals and everything about theater. Next to Normal is a miracle, Sutton Foster is a goddess, and ducks are magical. I play flute, care way too much about marching band, and spend too much time at tech. But I love it. I rarely draw but when I do they end up in the "art" page...mmmm i don't really have anything to say. Leave me a message!! :) PEACE OUT!
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Song: Springtime For Hitler
Artist: Eric Gunhus, Gary Beach, Cady Huffman & Ensemble
Album: The Producers
Played: 1,059 times.

Springtime For Hitler | The Producers

I’ve been humming this song for the last hour. It’s just so happy and not happy at the same time BUT IT’S SUCH AN AWESOME SONG. Springtime for Hitler and Germany :)

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