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Lauren. 15.

Hey all :) I love musicals and everything about theater. Next to Normal is a miracle, Sutton Foster is a goddess, and ducks are magical. I play flute, care way too much about marching band, and spend too much time at tech. But I love it. I rarely draw but when I do they end up in the "art" page...mmmm i don't really have anything to say. Leave me a message!! :) PEACE OUT!


I’m really happy because this is one of the best productions that has ever come to SF (that I’ve seen). The light was INCREDIBLE and I seriously LOVED THE SET. The music is awesome, the costumes are unbelievably amazing, and the entire production was just wow! The actors actually had nice voices for once. My favorite part of this show is the fact that it’s actually about something. It talks about something that actually happened, making it so real. The part where they show the pictures of the people who got abused made the audience absolutely silent. SILENT. It was an amazing moment. And also, Sahr Ngaujah plays sax like a pro!! SO MUCH SKILL.

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